Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happiness has no limit

There was one particular cold, dark night, darkness as deep as I had never seen before, coldness I had never felt before. There was no light anywhere around. The road on other days was always bright with a lot of lights. As I walked through the road I could feel the cold biting into me and the envelope of darkness enclosing me. Suddenly I saw a small light blinking at the far end of the road. I felt it was moving towards me. I was scared now, was wondering how worse this night could turn out to be. So I just stood there trans-fixed. I could feel my heart beat rise as I saw it becoming brighter and brighter as it came closer to me. As I was wondering what my next move should be, the light that was approaching me was right in front of me and to my surprise it was a harmless insect! I was relieved. The insect hovered around me as I walked. Now the night seemed a lot better with a little brightness and a feeling of some support, though not very big to the human eye but as it’s said “something is better than nothing”, it did give me some feeling of not being alone. After walking a distance I could see the morning dawn break through. As it was still not very bright I could see the insect around me, still giving me company. As the morning became brighter I couldn’t see the insect. I looked around but couldn’t see it. I walked through the morning brightness, the sunrays filling me with a lot of warmth. I then wondered if the insect was still around me and just that there was so much brightness around me that I couldn’t see this small little source of light which gave me the brightness when all the light around me had disappeared.
This incident is everyone’s story through life. There are times when there is just too much darkness, fear, loneliness around. That insect is like a friend’s support. We are just so scared of the already present darkness that even the support looks like a problem. But as soon as you take a closer look at it you realise it’s nothing to worry about, in fact we feel better in its presence with some hope. Though the support may not brighten your life completely but it definitely will help make the path through darkness easier. As the problems start getting a little lighter we see that the support is still with us. But once there is complete brightness in our life we fail to see rather appreciate the friend’s support because we are so engrossed in the brightness around us. There are a lot of people who’ll be along with us during the good times. Sometimes we fail to realise that even in these good times our friend’s support does matter. Their presence matters, no matter what, the friends who have been with you while you were struggling are the people who can appreciate what you achieve.
So make sure you remember to see your light insect while you are at good times too :)

[P.S : Dedicated to my best friend :) ]

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blogging for the first time!!

Hello everybody,

This is my first ever attempt to put down my views about my experiences . I’ve always heard from some of the leaders I know who say start with a positive attitude and everything falls into place! So here I am to start off with a totally new world to me but am sure I’ll enjoy writing and u guys will enjoy reading :). I would love to see some comments so that I can get your viewpoints and probably learn something new :) 